Past Issue: Vol 13, Jan-Jun 2021

Research Article

Vol 13, Jan-Jun 2021  Page no: 1-8


Sritha Zith Dey Babu, Sandeep Kaur, Rajat Goyal, Vishesh Chaudhary, Ayush Pal

Visual representation of a real-life object (a person or any other object) in a two-dimensional form is called an image. An image is nothing but a collection of pixels in different...

Research Article

Vol 13, Jan-Jun 2021  Page no: 9-14

An In-Depth Analysis of the Feasibility of the application of Machine Learning Tools and Techniques in Internet of Things (IOT) Devices

Devansh Balhara

Internet of Things (IoT) is growing speedily in various fields but has a tremendous performance in academics and start-ups. AI can furthermore help machines; please them all things...

Research Article

Vol 13, Jan-Jun 2021  Page no: 15-18

An On-depth Analysis of the Perils to Humanity Attributable to Artificial Intelligence

Karan Mor

Computer-based intelligence fills in well-known innovation with different purposes that should be visible in numerous parts of life. Artificial intelligence has countless beneficia...

Research Article

Vol 13, Jan-Jun 2021  Page no: 19-23

Using Deep Learning Algorithm to Recognise American Sign Language

Yashika Gupta

Millions of individuals with speech and hearing impedances communicate daily through sign language. Hard-of-hearing signal recognition is a distinctive approach to imparting, simil...

Research Article

Vol 13, Jan-Jun 2021  Page no: 24-29

Using Ml Technique to Early Detection Disease of Arachis Hypogaea Leaves

Trisha Sharma

Plants are fundamental for the planet and every living being. Plant infection is the debilitation of the normal state of a plant that hinders or alters its essential capacities. Le...

Research Article

Vol 13, Jan-Jun 2021  Page no: 30-33

Leveraging the Use of Blockchain in the Trade of Finance and its Impact on the Financial Decision-Making Models

Saniya Malik

Blockchain has made a big difference in cryptocurrency, investing, and banking in the last few years. The field of banking and finance has also been shaped by its recent use in tra...

Research Article

Vol 13, Jan-Jun 2021  Page no: 34-37

Predictive Maintenance Using Machine Learning: An Experiment with Sensor Data from Raspberry Pi and AWS Services

Jazmyn Singh

Predictive maintenance (PdM) is a data-driven approach to maintenance that uses machine learning (ML) to predict machine failures before they occur. This can help to reduce downtim...