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Dr. Prateek Mishra         

An edupreneur by profession, Dr. Mishra has been instrumental in shaping International Journal of Innovations in Scientific Engineering (IJISE). He is workaholic by nature and a man of immense patience. The journey of his career resembles the ‘rags to riches story.’ He owes his success to his perseverance, patience, ability to grasp the opportunity at the right time. Being a highly qualified personality, Dr. Mishra never compromised with his future endeavours. He always exhibited strong conviction and practiced the notion – ‘as you sow so shall you reap’ in his mundane life. He believes in the saying of Albert Einstein---

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
------Albert Einstein

According to him, International Journal of Innovations in Scientific Engineering (IJISE), an international engineering and science journal is definitely going to carve a niche for itself. He justifies his statement by pointing towards the availability of umpteen number of research journals in the market in engineering and science arena but there exists a very rare number of research journals that indeed, falls into the category of meeting the set objective by transforming the status quo of the discipline to vertical heights and progressing towards the overall benefit of the society, at large. The fact of the matter is also about the quality of research that is being done by researchers and scholars. These researchers of course, find it very difficult to meet the research objectives due to a number of hurdles in the path of completing the intended research. Hence, he believes that the government, as a larger entity must also step in with extreme support and guidance in facilitating the research work. Inadequate funding by the government concerned and lack of integrated research efforts are some the prominent reasons for the deteriorating research standards in most of the countries across the globe. As a nation, we all must take oath to confront the burgeoning predicament of deteriorating standard of research especially in engineering and science.

Last but not the least, the editor-in-chief, Dr. Prateek Mishra would like to extend thanks to all the visitors who took time and patience to understand our objectives and conform to what we believe in!

He renders his best wishes by saying, “May your research work brings break-through findings and culminates into transformations in the realm of engineering and science!”

Best Wishes !!!

International Journal of Innovations in Scientific Engineering (IJISE)


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