Effects of Micro Plastic Contamination on Marine Life and Coral Health in Coastal Waters

Nashikkar Surendra Manohar, Dr. Kailas Narayan Sonune


Vol 17, Jan-Jun, 2023

Date of Submission: 2023-01-22 Date of Acceptance: 2023-02-09 Date of Publication: 2023-03-20


Microplastic pollution has emerged as a significant environmental concern in recent decades, posing a threat to marine ecosystems worldwide. Coastal waters, in particular, serve as a critical habitat for a diverse range of marine organisms, including corals. This paper examines the effects of microplastic contamination on marine life and coral health in coastal waters, exploring the mechanisms of exposure, potential impacts on organisms, and the broader ecological consequences. The findings emphasize the urgent need for effective mitigation strategies to protect coastal ecosystems and ensure the long-term sustainability of marine biodiversity.


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